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Fast and affordable SUPER POWERBOAT form Nor-Tech


Get supersonic speeds with this full size 2006 Nor-Tech 5000 Super Cat. When designing this boat, the designer Nils Johansen took it to the limit. Imported to Europe in 2006 and still one of the fastest powerboats in Europe.


This Nor-Tech is outfitted with their own high performance engines, build in-house by Ron Potter and consist of two huge V8 604 C.I.D. (9,9 litres) big block V8s. These are one of the largest engines in the high performance world, and thunder like a battlefield when pumping out over 1100 prop shaft horsepower. This massive power is transferred to the props by two Mercuiser Super Speed Master No6 outdrives, the most powerful sterndrives in the world. Hering 6-blade high rake "over the hub" stainless steel cleaver propellers are mandatory. Don't expect low consumption, but I can guarantee a mind blowing speed & sound experience. These engines will last one or two seasons with the right maintainance. Refresh them in the winter and you are ready to go the next season. This boat has real free flowing dry exhaust, and the best way to describe the sound is by seeing it live in person. 


This Nor-Tech 5000 SuperCat has a stylish yet discreet color scheme ordered for a European and has a white base color with red and black graphics. The interior colors are matching and include rich carpeting for the right luxury feeling. Seats, seat backs, dashboard, instrumentation, throttles, cockpit carpeting, engine hatch graphics & secondary color, are all matching to make this boat as classy and eye-watering as it gets. Like on all Nor-Techs, the colors and graphics are custom, ensuring the owner to have his own one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

This boat is white gel coat with bright metallic colors painted in ower the whole boat. It ensure you to see the graphics while you run the boat as it also include the deck. This graphics is painted at Nor-Tech's own graphics department by some of the best painters and designers in the world. This boat standout with its presens wherever it goes with the modern design, awesome paint job and last but sertainly not least, that incredible exhaust sound. There are very few (less than 3) Nor-Techs this big and fast with just two engines in Europe. It enable a wild ride with a fairly user friendly mantainance schedule compared to the others in this class.


The boat ran in 2006 an impressing 135+ GPS mph. / 117 knots. The ride is fairly secure due to its huge size and weight. The width is 3,8 m. and this boat streches out to an impressing 15,24 m. Seating is for 4 persons in rear and two up front.  


Heavy duty fiberglass and kevlar, high quality resins, premium gelcoat, heavy duty aluminium engine mounts, high quality deep carpeting, all stainless steel hard ware, "carbon-fibre" synthetic leather, high quality electric wiring. Best of the best through out!

-Dual steering with integrated rams in Mers's No6 outdrives.
-MerCruiser Smart Craft Wessel View monitor recessed in dashboard
-"Monster Racing" Livorsi instrumentation with matching rims, bezels and carbon gauge faces.
-Matchin billett race throttles (big handles)
-Tinted windscreen.
-Cockpit cover
-Standard equipment, depthsounder, hi quality everything..
-Huge stereo

The boat is well maintained, but a full survey toghether with our Mercury Racing certified mechanic Andree Bakkegaard will be done prior to a sale.

This boat comes with an incredible
custom build triple axle steel MYCO "GOOSE NECK" trailer. It's got electric over hydraulic stainless steel disc brakes, submergible LED lightning and a tower up front featuring a ladder and a wich. It makes servicing and storage a lot faster and easier! It has a std. 2" 5/16" ball coupler for american pick ups!!

This boat is sold inclusive of EU MOT/TAX, and can be bought and driven in any European country (except Norway) without paying any additional taxes.

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