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2010 model year Nor-Tech 4000 Roadster!!

Hypermodern Design and Performance from Nor-Tech

Get the latest in design and performance from Nor-Tech's designer Nils Johnsen. With much inspiration from Lamborghini, Nils has reached a whole new level in design with this model. This is one of the newest and most modern powerboat in Europe! While all functions of a powerboat is kept, the design has reached a whole new level with the 4000 Roadster. This is a real offshore boat, capable of handling both rough waters, yet achieving high top end numbers in calm waters. This boat offer a super "high speed ride comfort" and much entertaining details. One of the great features of this powerboat is the cockpit, which is spacious enough for 6 persons ready to experience the excitement that only a fast cat can give. A huge improvement over the popular 3600 SuperCat with the narrover 5-seat-cockpit. But thevery best is yet to come: The introduction of a large sun bed. Many catamaran owners have missed this. With this design, it has become a reality.

This Nor-Tech is outfitted with Mercruisers High Performance HP662EU big block V8s. These are the largest Mercuiser engines legal in Europe, and utilize the 8,2 litre GM block, pumping out a constantly computer controlled 662 prop shaft horsepower. These engines propell this rocketship to 115+ GPS miles per hour through Mercury NXT1 racing outdrives and Hering 6-blade high rake "over the hub" 37p stainless steel cleaver propellers. Expect optimum idling performance with the latest engine management system which include sequential ignition and fuel injection. These engines are fresh water cooled and will last many years with proper maintainance. These are the biggest engines to use HYDRAULIC valve lifters.. What does that mean? It means that the internal two valves per cylinder adjust themselves while you run. The bigger engines will have a SOLID valve system. To have the valves at the perfect position, they will have to be manually adjusted every 50 hours of use. This is something that will add on to your maintainance bill. But with the 662 EU engine, you do not need to do this.  The exhaust of these full size V8s normally thunder like a 1000 wild horses, but with Nor-Tech "STEALTH" Exhaust system, you will experience just a deep discreete rumbling while at idle, and while underways, the whining from the superchargers (compressors) and the deep growl of the exhaust will make your hart pump even harder.  Your neighbours will love that it is quiet. Compared to the old carburatored ROOTS compressor beasts, these Mercruisers use almost half the fuel while cruising at 70 mph. Quite environmental friendly in fact...

This Nor-Tech Roadster has a contemporary "Europenan" color scheme with gray as the main color in different grades aswell as the red for the right racing look. The interior is gray, black and red too with a matching dashboard and deep carpeting for the right luxury feeling. Seats, seat legs, dashboard, instrumentation, throttles, cockpit carpeting, engine hatch graphics & secondary color, are all matching to make this boat as hot and classy as it gets. Like on all Nor-Tech's the colors and graphics are custom, ensuring the owner to have his own masterpiece!

This boat is white gel coat with bright painted metallic colors over the complete boat. This graphics is painted at Nor-Tech's own graphics department by some of the best painters and designers in the world. This boat stand out as one of the most modern and stylish example of all Nor-Techs in Europe!

The boat run an impressing 115+ GPS mph. / 100 knots. The width is the same as the 3600 Supercat, but it is stretched to 40 foot. Seating is the same as the 4300 Supercat with space for 4 persons in rear and two up front. This all combines into a unique experience for 6 persons. 

Heavy duty fiberglass and kevlar, high quality resins, premium gelcoat, heavy duty aluminium engine mounts, high quality deep carpeting, all stainless steel hard ware, "carbon-fibre" synthetic leather, high quality electric wiring. Best of the best through out!

-Dual steering with integrated rams in the NXT1 Gimball housing.
-MerCruiser Smart Craft Vessel View monitor
-Northstar M84 color chart plotter with Navionics chart
-"Monster Racing" Livorsi instrumentation with matching rims, bezels and carbon gauge faces.
-Matching billett race throttles (big handles)
-Tinted windscreen.
-Stealth exhaust integrated in transom
-Flush adaptors in transom for fresh water flushing the engiens
-Cockpit cover, black color
-Standard equipment, depthsounder, hi quality everything..
-Stereo with amplifier (Kenwood), six Kenwood water proof speakers, two 12" subwoofer, Kenwood CD player with dash mounted remote. Super sound!

Boat is in a very good condition and has been stored at our heated winter storage facility.

This boat sits on a triple axle MYCO aluminium custom build trailer. It has got electric over hydraulic stainless steel disc brakes, submergible LED lightning and a tower up front featuring a ladder and a wich. It makes servicing and storage alot easier!

This boat is sold with Norwegian taxes.

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Please feel free to contact us for more info.

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