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The worlds most colorful missile...

"Inter Continental Ballistic Missile"

For the experienced or un-experienced performance boat enthusiast, this boat has so much to offer that it is difficult to imagine how it could have been done better. This is a real offshore boat, capable of handling rough waters. This boat is a technical marvel and offers a super high speed ride comfort.  An energic color scheme and light interior colors combined, ensures a super exclusive conduct wherever it goes. Try out the newest from Fountain and find out for your self all the qualities that this new 35 ICBM has to offer. The boat has got the most expensive hard ware in the industry and by far the most luxurious interior in its class. And Fountains doesn't fall apart either. I would say they must be the best. Why? Because they are 100% rigid in the first place. Try one of these boats and you are "sold". Some of the secret comes from the fact that this is the smallest powerboat which utilize a "staggered" engine configuration. Everything adopted from Fountain's race series. Combine the technics with the looks, and this mid-size weapon will make a great show and outperform almost every other boat on the water!!

This Fountain 35 ICBM was outfitted with Mercruisers high tech 496 HO big block V8s. These are the largest standard Mercuiser engines and utilize the 8,1 litre Vortech GM block, pumping out 425 prop shaft horsepower. These engines propell the missile to 90+ GPS miles per hour through Bravo XR drives with "short sportmaster" racing lower units and Hering 6-blade high rake long tube 32p stainless steel propellers. Exeptional idling with the latest engine management system which include sequential ignition and fuel injection. Engines are fresh water cooled and will last almost forever if taken care really good care of. I can reccomend them without any problems because they are always doing their job. Experience the deep thunder and roar from the exhaust of these full size V8s or close the silent choise exhaust for a quiet humming to you neighbour's satisfaction. While cruising at 3000 rpm they zip very little fuel too.

This 35 ICBM has a wild color scheme with white and yellow as the main colors. The interior is light beige with a rich beige carpeting. Exterior wise, it was outfitted with a white and purple cockpit interior with grey accents. Seats, seat legs, dashboard, instrumentation, throttles, cockpit carpeting, engine hatch graphics & secondary color, are all matching to make this boat as classy and eye-watering as it gets. The kind of graphics this boat has got, is always very impressing when looking at the boat "in real".

This boat is white gel coat with bright yellow metallic painted hullsides and graphics. This was an original graphic which is still availible today. It is called "Fusion YELLOW/PURPLE/BLACK" and takes an aweful lot of time to paint... It has also got the optional deck graphics which is very attractive to a graphics like this. You can see it all the time while you run the boat.. The purple powder coated deck rails completes the looks and there is no doubt that this boat standout as perhaps the most colorful and stylish of all european original Fountanin boats. 

The boat run 90+ GPS mph. / 78 knots. It is not only the speed itself, but the ride qualities AT this insane speed which has to be experienced with these boats. The balance and rigidness of this boat is second to none. This makes the boat very stable at all speeds.

Heavy duty though out with knitted fiberglass, vinylester resins, high gloss gelcoat, race proven  "Unitized construction" by Fountain, heavy duty aluminium engine mounts, high quality deep carpeting, all stainless steel hard ware,

-Latham pow
er steering with dual external rams
-MerCruiser Smart Craft Wessel View monitor recessed in dashboard
-Northstar M84 chart plotter with Navionics chart
-"Monster Racing" Livorsi instrumentation with matching purple rims, chrome bezels and carbon carbon gauge faces.
-Matchin purple and chrome billett race throttles (big handles)
-Purple windscreen frame with new ICBM-style tinted acryl glass.
-Silent choise exhaust
-Cockpit cover with optional "over windshield" spec.
-Standard Fountain equipment, depthsounder, hi quality everything..
-Stereo with amplifier (Kenwood), six Kenwood water proof speakers, one 12" subwoofer, Kenwood CD player with dash mounted remote. Super sound!

We do not know the condition of this boat as per writing, but we will check it personally before selling it.

No trailer for this boat. But we are able to get this at a discouted price. With registrations for Europe!

This boat is sold inclusive of EU MOT/TAX, and can be bought and driven in any European county without paying any taxes. Own rules for Norway apply.

Please feel free to contact us for more info.

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