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The ultimate little powerboat

This boat have been Play Marine's boat to attend poker runs and as a team boat for general purpouses. It is one of the most enjoyable 29-footers you will ever find. Due to its multi functional lay out and exceptional robustness, this boat has never been advertized for sale. Easy to tow around to poker runs and full action from TWO V8s with a distinctive roar.

The only 29 Fever in the world equipped with Mercury's rare HP 377 Scorpion engines. These are the strongest Mercury small blocks availible and propell this baby to 82 GPS miles per hour through Bravo X drives and Bravo I 32p stainless steel propellers. Throttle response and the magic sound of these engines is really different from many alternatives. Idling and all the way up to full speed is magnificent. Engines are fresh water cooled and will last long if taken care of.

Everything is matching white and blue. Everything form seats, dashboard, engines, cabin carpeting, engine hatch graphics to seat back logos are color co-ordinated making this boat very unique.

This boat is white gel coat with blue painted hullsides and pin stripes. Is was finished with Fountain's super classy and sporty "Victory in motion" graphics which was availible in 2003 and 2004. The boat has also deck graphics matching the hull sides.

The boat run 82 GPS mph. / 71 knots, and out-accellerate all inboard boats up to 70 mph!

Heavy duty though out with knitted fiberglass, vinylester resins, high gloss gelcoat, Fountains unique "Unitized construction", heavy duty engine mounts, superior paint work

Latham power steering with dual rams
Stereo with twin amplifiers (Kenwood / MTX), six Audiobahn water proof speakers, two Infinity subwoofers, Kenwood CD player with dash mounted remote. Super sound!

Well maintaind and driven correct.

South Florida aluminium I-beam trailer with new trailer tires and a norwegian registration. Hydraulic surge brakes and mechanical hand brake. Standard 50 mm. coupler for use on any car or truck! Use it with a BMW X5, Mercedes ML /G-series, Isuzu pick up etc. This is very unique with this boat.


The boat has paid Norwegian taxes. Non refundable.

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