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Fantastic triple gasoline powered full size V-bottom offshore cruiser.


For people with a lot of friends and who are in search for a boat that can travel at high speeds over long distances with many persons on board, this is the boat. With a hull coming directly from the racing scene, you get one of the most advanced Vee bottom hulls aver made. Combine it with a set of tree almost new engines, and you understand that this is no ordinary boat. See for yourself, the beauty in the design of this boat has to be seen, streching 15 meters from the bow and all the way back to the swim platform. You understand by its looks that this boat has big engines. Fire them up, one by one, and listen to the "music" from a set of six exhaust pipes running through the transom. Even with 10-15 persons onboard, this boat planes out at half throttle. The power and torque from 24,6 litres of engine displacement coupled to three propellers is just magnificent...


This Fountain 47 Lightning was finished in 1998 with a custom engine package consisting of three Volvo Penta 415s. However, the current owner wanted a more powerful package, and installed three brand new out of the box MerCruiser HP 525 EFI along with a set of three new Bravo XR outdrives. This all happened in 2006 and the boat have been used occationally around 30 houres per season since then. These naturally aspirated (no compressor)  MerCruiser big block V8s have an agressive attitude and sound track. Specially developed for the powerboat and race series in american boat racing, these have been recognized as the most durable and dependable powerboat engine of all times. These engines propell this astonishing Vee to 89+ GPS miles per hour through Bravo XR drives and Merc Bravo I 32p 4-blade stainless steel propellers. Exeptional idling with the latest engine management system which include sequential ignition and fuel injection optimized for this high-compression high revolution racing motor. These engines are also fresh water cooled and will last many years if taken well care of. Experience the real deep thunder and roar from the exhaust of these full size V8s. As per time of writing, the boat does not have a silent choise switchable exhaust,  but Play Marine are able to build this (a unique new system) that wil make this boat so quiet, you wuold think the engines were switched off.. Look into the engine compartment and view these blue and chrome beasts high performance power plants. This boat has all stainless steel mirror polished exhaust headers for maximum performance. And there are in face 24 pipes in combined!


This 47 Lightning has a bright color cheme with a combination of white blue and red, the colors of the norwegian flag!. The cabin interior is also quite special, with acustom ordered beige LEATHER (yes real leather) U-bench seat! The rest is a delightful white high quality vinyl accomanied by both indirect and tube lightning. The cockpit is all white with matching blue accents and red and blue embroidery on the seat backs. Seats, dashboard, cockpit carpeting, engines, engine hatch graphics and seat back logos are all matching to make this boat a unique red, white and blue masterpiece of a boat.


This boat is all white gel coat with blue and red painted graphics. It has got the classic "Indy" graphics which is an original graphic. The colors are RED/BLUE/BLACK over the WHITE gel coat.

This boat runs an impressive 89+ GPS mph. / 79 knots. Even with the massive size of this boat, it is a very exciting ride and the boat feels "light" at high speeds. Few full size Vees can match that even today. With such a long boat, one of the best times I have had in any boat is while cruising at 3000 rpms and just listen to the engines while cruising a over 50 mph / 43 knots. At this speed, there is little if no wind inside the boat and you can talk without any problems. IT JUST HAS TO BE EXPERIENCED...

Heavy duty though out with knitted fiberglass, vinylester resins, high gloss gelcoat, race proven  "Unitized construction" by Fountain, heavy duty aluminium engine mounts, high quality deep carpeting, all stainless steel hard ware,

-Three fuel tanks, one for each engine
-New Zeiger power steering with dual rams
-Smart Craft Wessel View monitor recessed (latest type with a bright day light screen) recessed in dashboard
-Lowrance chart plotter with Navionics chart
-Standard Fountain equipment.
-Stereo with two amplifiers (MTX), six Kenwood water proof speakers, two 10" subwoofers, Alpine CD player with  6-CD changer. Super sound!

The boat has undergone extensive modifications with a lot of new parts. Ask for more info.


CONTINENTAL Trailers I-beam aluminium triple axle trailer. Hydraulic surge brakes with disc breaks. It has a US (2" 5/16) ball coupler for use on US trucks. With a beam of only 2,60 m. this boat trailers well with a US 3500 pick-up or bigger (preferrably a big dually). alt water resistant brakes and water tight bearings with grease nut and "bearing buddies". Carpeted bunks modified for this boat with openings for liftingslings (for fork lifts and cranes).


The boat is sold with Norwegian taxes included. Non refundable.

Please feel free to contact us for more info.

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