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Fountain 42 Lightning

For the professional powerboater, the Fountain 42 is one of the ultimate choises in speed boats. If you were a racer, you would choose the Fountain 42 canopied race boat to keep up with all the others who also have the Fountain 42 hull... This boat is a direct derivative of the worlds fastest V-bottom which ran 182 mph on the GPS in 2004, and is still the worlds fastes pass in a V-bottom boat. No other powerboats in the world have been subject to modification to a greater extent as the legendary 42 Lightning hull.  Discriminating performance and handling with a similar appearance... You will feel safe at any speed in this boat. Try it in the open ocean. Everybody are amazed by its unsurpassed sea-worthyness. The 42 Lightning has a "staggered" engine configuration and the latest in Vee bottom design & technology. Everything adopted from Fountain's race series.

The boat was delivered in 2004 in Europe.

This Fountain 42 Lightning was made with supercharged Mercury Racing 575 SCI big block V8s. These engines utilize the 8,2 litre GM block and propell this astonishing Vee to 88+ GPS miles per hour through Bravo XR drives and 5-blade high rake stainless steel propellers. Experience the real deep thunder and roar from the exhaust along with the whining sound of the compressors of these full size V8s or close the silent choise exhaust for a quiet humming to you neighbour's satisfaction. Look into the engine compartment and view these blue and chrome beasts! Priceless!

This Fountain 42 Lightning has an agressive yet elegant color scheme with a combination of white, yellow and blue through out. The cockpit and cabin are also matching. The cockpit is white with matching blue and yellow accents. Seats, seat legs, dashboard, instrumentation, cockpit carpeting, engines, saddle tanks, engine hatch graphics and seat back logos etc. are all matching. And made to last as on all Fountains. This boat has also a matching dashboard!!

This boat is all white gel coat with painted graphics. This is the popular "Cyclone" graphic which is an original Fountain graphic in 2004. The colors are YELLOW/BLUE/RED. It does also have an extra feature; "yellow fade" on th ehull sides, an option that was only in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

This boat runs 88+ GPS mph. / 77 knots. It is good to know that the same hull can handle a speed of 180 mph. Needless to say, the boat handles as on a railway track at top speed. The balance and rigidness of this boat is second to none. Buy you own.

Heavy duty though out with knitted fiberglass, vinylester resins, high gloss gelcoat, race proven  "Unitized construction" by Fountain, heavy duty aluminium engine mounts, high quality deep carpeting, all stainless steel hard ware, standard Fountain quality.

-Four fuel tanks, two main + two for reducing high speed side-to-side roll....
-Latham power steering with dual rams
-Silent choise exhaust
-Aircondition/heater (while  on shorepower)
-Standard Fountain equipment, all the right bells and whistles...
-Monster Gaffrig gauges and throttles
-Stereo with amplifier (Kenwood), six Kenwood water proof speakers, two 12" subwoofers, Kenwood CD player with dash mounted remote. Super sound!

Well maintaind. Engines and drives refreshed lately. Call for more infos.

This boat does not come with a trailer. Ask us to get one! We can get you a trailer for this boat with european registrations.

This boat is within EU and can be brought to all EU -countries without paying more tax. For Norway, special taxes apply. Call us!

Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Click here to see more pictures.

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